How to do keyword research to rank higher in search engines

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Keyword research is basically defined as finding the terms, that people from your niche group tend to enter into the search engine in order to reach out to some data on internet. It is a major factor in deciding how high your content will rank in Google, Bing, Yahoo or any other search engine for that matter.

So if one sees it from a different perspective, the whole point of keyword research boils down to one single point and that is knowing your viewers better and what are they looking for? As with any business research, getting to know your customers is central and the most important thing which contributes to its success. Getting to know the right keywords is only half the battle won. You need to form a bond on an emotional level with your readers.

The process of finding the right keyword is not complicated but it is not easy as well.

The right process comes with practice and experience and is a major factor in deciding the viewer count. There are several keyword research tools, both free and paid and one can use either, the difference obviously is in the number of features one gets in the paid versions as compared to the free ones.

The best keyword research tool lies there between your ears…your brain.

Then comes Google keyword research tool or any others like UberSuggest. When you are doing keyword research, there is always a desire to choose the long top keywords.

uber suggest

It may seem to a novice that aiming for the top keywords would help in getting a higher search in engine rankings. but the truth is the other way round. There is so much of competition with the top keywords, that your site may not see the first page of search engine ever. So it is better to choose better long-tailed, hyper-tagged keywords

There is no defined process to so keyword research, however, I have devised a plan for myself, which I am sharing with you for your benefit.

Decide on a Niche

Firstly, you need to decide on the niche or the segment you would be doing this research on. This includes zeroing on the type of audience you want to target and their needs and expectations.

Start creating a list of wide range of topics around that segment. Say if your niche is security systems, think of all the topics that people who are looking for security systems like spy cams, CCtv would be interested in. You can get help from Google keyword tools, competitors websites, search results or offline contents like magazines or newspapers.

Analyze the keywords

Now is the time to analyze your keywords with regard to competitions, the number of hits or popularity on search engines. Here you select those keywords that are ranking higher because they are the ones that most people are interested in and are be looking for.

After you have analyzed the competition and have got a good number of keywords and topics in hand, its time to analyze how your blog niche or the context meets keyword. Filter out all those keywords, which meet the line of thought of your blog. these are the ones that point towards the needs of your viewers and your blog niche.

Create Quality content

It’s time to start creating quality content for your blog using these keywords. Always use at the most 4-5 keywords in your page.

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The best technique that I give for creating quality content be it in blogs or in marketing affiliate is to create a bond between yourself and your reader. Try to solve the pain areas for the reader. Solve some query and be helpful. Though you may look at your competitor’s content, but always try to be unique in your writing. Try to stand out with your writing and you will see your site hit counts rise.

Some bloggers have the habit of spamming a lot of keywords in a single page to get attention from search engines. It can lead to a lowering of ranking. Try to put in different keywords on different pages so have to a balanced blend of keyword and content throughout the site. Believe me, It looks good to the reader as well as to the search engines spiders of Google!


Keyword research is no doubt a major part in your internet marketing strategy and cannot be avoided. Major part of your time needs to be spent on finding out the right mix of keywords that not only reflect the intent of your content but also serve as a medium in forming a bond between you and your readers. There are several keyword research tools available and one should try them in order to stay ahead of your competitors.

Hope this article has served to help you in clearing out your doubts. If you have any comments or suggestions, please write in the comments box. Stay tuned and till next time Happy reading!!

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