WordPress cool features that makes you a better blogger

8 months ago Sachin Khanna 1
Wordpress is a nice software to start writing your blogs but is cool in the way it helps the user with a vast variety of features and extensibility it offers. You, bloggers are already using a lot of features from WordPress, but still, there is so much to learn and practice in this open source publishing platform. Today, I would be writing about some cool nifty features of WordPress,... Read More

WordPress seo: Tips you need to succeed

9 months ago Sachin Khanna 3
This is an introduction to a series of posts about WordPress SEO. WordPress is the most popular CMS as of this writing and seeing its popularity it seems to remain so in coming future. Read More

Top 8 WordPress plugins that drives traffic to your blog

9 months ago Sachin Khanna Comments Off on Top 8 WordPress plugins that drives traffic to your blog
Today I would be discussing with you the top 10 WordPress plugins that every WordPress blog owner must have. These plugins cover almost all the needs that you might need to rocket start your blog to the top. Please note that all the plugins that I am suggesting to you are completely free. As you Read More